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Bombay Customs Yacht Club

The Bombay Customs Yacht Club is a one and only Club in the World Countries Customs Organisation. BCYC undertakes Adventure Sailing Expeditions and Competitive Sailings in National Event. The BCYC celebrates International Customs Day by organising annual “Indian Customs Cup Regatta” on 26th January.

2. The Commodore of the Yacht Club is the Commissioner of
Customs Zone I under whose helmsmanship the Yacht Club activities are steered.

3. BCYC was established in the year 1979 by group of Officers under the helmsmanship of J Dutta who was Commissioner of Customs, Bombay, later elevated to Chairman of CBEC. A Seabird Yacht was purchased in 1980 by the contributions of Founder Member Officers.

1980 Smt G Srinivasan, Wife of Commissioner breaking Coconut on occasion of launching of First Yacht of the Club. Commissioner G Srinivasan is standing left to her.

Custom Officers lowering the first Yacht of Club in the Sea at Gateway of India

4. Several Officers of the Indian Customs have undertaken Adventure Sailing Voyages to different Continents. The Central Board of Excise and Customs now CBIC proactively encouraged and sponsored the Custom Yachting Team to sail to other countries, extend brotherhood, harmony, and friendship to Customs Organisation of other Countries. The Officers sailed for 23 days at a stretch during Bombay Africa Continent Adventure Sailing Expedition through Doldrum crossing twice Equator Line.

5. In the year 1989, the Club decided to train themselves to participate in the competitive sailing. They trained themselves with sailing books, strenuous training schedules, convinced themselves to spend more time in sea to get acquainted with wind, water behaviour and gradually, steadily became National Champion. The Officers beside Competitive Sailing, undertook several Adventure Sailing Expeditions to several countries on Goodwill Visits.

A. Competitive Sailing Achievements by the Club  1. National Champion

Bombay Custom Yacht Club Team won first time the “National
Championship” Trophy in the year 1996. The Trophy was awarded by
Governor of State of Maharashtra His Excellency Shri P C Alexandra.

The Team was comprising of three Custom Officers Rohit Pardeshi(Captain), Madan Mhatre and Kenneth D’souza.

The Union Minister of Sports Shri Surjit Singh Barnala honoured the BCYC for its achievements by awarding YAI Memento in 1998.

2. International Customs Day Cup

BCYC has also won first time prestigious “Indian Customs Cup Regatta” in the year 1997. The Officers Rohit Pardeshi (Captain), Madan Mhatre and Kenneth D’souza brought the glory to ICYC. Indian Customs Cup is an All-India Annual Regatta wherein various Clubs and Sailors of the Country participate in Championship. The event is celebrated on International Custom Day with festival fervour.

3. National Off Shore Championship  Bombay Cochin The Customs Team have been competing in the National Offshore Sailing Championships regularly. Our Club had won twice the “Runners Up” Trophy organised by the Apex Body of India “Yachting Association of India”. One of the Lady Officer Smt. Rohana Shetty was one of the Crew Member of the four member winning Team. The other Officers were Rohit Pardeshi (Captain), Madan Mhatre and Kenneth D’souza.

The Times of India Tuesday December 30, 1997


6. Winner of Commodore Trophy,

7. Naval Regatta Runners Up,

B  Adventure Sailing Expeditions

JAYCUS I - 1979

i. BCYC possessed in 1979 from UK, a “Vega Class 27 Feet” an Ocean Cruising Yacht which was named JAYCUS I which sailed from UK to Mumbai. The Yacht was named in honour of “Jyotirmay” Dutta, the than Commissioner of Customs Bombay. Shri J Dutta took initiative to establish Customs Yacht Club. JAYCUS I during sailing from UK to Bombay, hit the rock in Red Sea, Mediterranean and capsized. Mr Gulshan Rai, his wife and two Tindel were on board.

JAYCUS II - 1981

ii. Later JAYCUS II, a “Dolphin Class 31 Feet” Yacht was purchased in UK from contributions of Officers, financial support by CBEC and Union Ministry of HRD. It sailed from UK through French Canal, Crossed Red Sea on Board a Vessel and entered in Mumbai Port. Mr Rai Couple, Mr P M Parab and one Tindel were on board.


iii. JAYCUS III a “Vancouver Class 32 Feet” Yacht purchased from London Northshore Yard, sailed from UK to Panama, Mr Rai Couple and Mr K M Moeen and a Tindel were on board. Than from Panama to Bombay in 1988 sailed to Bombay. Mr Rai Couple and Mr Rohit Pardeshi and a Tindel were on board during this Leg of sailing.

iv. 1989 to 1993

Yacht Jaycus III was kept on hard in Colaba Workshop during this period. The title of Jaycus III was in the name of Mr G Rai, The Yacht was not handed over to the BCYC. In 1993 Vice Commodore initiated process of taking over the boat from Mr G Rai.

Prior to handing over the boat, a fire broke out on Starboard side of Cabin and the boat was extensively damaged. Substantial repair work was carried out for enabling its seaworthiness.

Custom Officers Club Team Adventure Sailing Expeditions

1. Bombay - Goa - Cochin - Kavarati, Lakshadweep  Bombay A Seaworthiness test for combating sea swell, ferocious waves, pitching, rolling, headwind tenacity, Port tack cruising capacity was undertaken by sailing to Kavarati, Lakshadweep. Mr Rohit Pardeshi, Madan Mhatre, Ashok Sinha, Mohan Kumar sailed to Kavarati and back. The boat was found seaworthy.

2. 1995 Mumbai - Gulf Sailing Expedition

Team - Shri Rohit Pardeshi (Captain), R K Singh, Madan Mhatre, Ashok Sinha, Kenneth D’souza, Sadanand.

Shri Surjit Singh, Principle Commissioner and Shri S S Sekhon, Commissioner on board greeted the team on arrival from Oman.

3. 1997 Mumbai Africa Sailing Expedition-

Mumbai  Lakshadweep  Seychelles Africa  Goa  Mumbai.

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